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Questionable Factory Direct Doors Windows

BEWARE when buying directly from the SOURCE!

When a customer purchases products directly from a manufacturer or factory, he is said to be buying factory direct or making a direct buy. The factory direct option was accelerated in the 1990s by the proliferation and development of e-commerce and distribution of catalogs.

There is always an assumption that the goods will be cheaper when buying directly because it has not traveled through the retail chain but that is not always the case. If the manufacturer also sells to distributors and retailers, the prices will be artificially inflated so that the factory does not compete directly with these resellers. It has also to protect the businesses of these entities. Thus, the customer should do some research and asking around before buying factory direct.

Another option of the consumer is to order the goods thru phone, mail or Internet. This means that the customer will have no control over the quality of the product because he cannot see or touch it personally before it was delivered to his mailing address.

It is not a well known fact that manufacturers have their own sales department to take care of the direct selling part. Thus, sales overhead like the salaries and commissions of staff, utility costs, etc will be part of the selling price and it would not be that cheap at all.

In home improvement business such as replacement windows and doors would be great idea to buy from resellers after all. Anyway, the consumer will always have the freedom to compare prices before buying. And resellers who have professional staff who visit your home especially for products which need exact measurement like installation of doors and windows enables the customer the first hand experience of actually touching the product and viewing its features. Professionals answer all questions about windows, doors and porch enclosures styles, used materials, replacement process and provide a quote.

With these friendly reminders, you can now start choosing from the best in the field of door technology in order to unearth your dream BEAUTIFUL but LOW MAINTENANCE, ENERGY EFFICIENT ENTRY/FRONT DOOR!
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