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A patio enhances the comfort of the homeowner and his family. It widens the livable space in your house and is an area which encourages inter-person bonding. It is also an area for meditation especially if it opens up to a pleasant garden.

The door leading to your patio is very important. It is your entry and exit point from your living or dining room leading to the patio, giving the psychological perception of a wide space.

There are different materials used in making patio doors. There are wooden, aluminum, vinyl and fiberglass doors. Wooden patio doors are unmistakably beautiful because wood is a natural material. But wooden patio doors are best friends with the expert burglar because they are easy to dismantle. Vinyl and fiberglass patio doors can simulate the natural beauty of their wooden counterpart without the attendant problems facing wooden doors especially when it comes to the issues of maintenance and security. Vinyl and fiberglass withstand heat, cold, insects, salt air and corrosion. Aluminum patio doors are also durable but they are very simple and are advised if you are not into visual impact but only into functionality.

With the latest technology, a special assembly process allows patio doors to have high security hook bolts that lock into a one piece steelkeep plate. Anti-drill and anti-slam devices should also be standard security features for any patio door.

Your patio door could either be SLIDING or HINGED.

When you choose sliding, make sure that your doors run on easy glide stainless steel track and rollers. Opening and closing the door should be effortless. A sliding patio door could either have two or more panels. You have the choice of combining sliding panels with fixed panels. You might want to consider that the design of your sliding patio door maximizes the view of the outside, usually the garden. The second choice is the hinged patio door. Functionality is key for this type of patio door. Just make sure the door has a durable and quality door closer. When you go in and out of the door, it just closes behind you.

If you are a pet lover, you might want to consider integrating a PET DOOR on either your sliding or hinged patio door. The pet door allows your dog or cat to travel in and out of the house without you having to open the door for him/her. And if you momentarily want to lock in or lock out your pet, the patio door has a security panel which serves the purpose.

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