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Vinyl windows become very popular because they have clean lines, has absolutely no need for maintenance, they are very energy efficient at the lowest possible price.

Quality vinyl windows lasts for years. Two windows might look or feel alike but the ingredients that the manufacturers put into the respective windows will tell the difference between quality and inferiority in a couple of months or years.

The main material in vinyl windows is polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This is the same plastic in plumbing and electrical pipes and other household items. The main ingredient which makes PVC pure white for many years is titanium dioxide (TiO2) and an organic form of tin. Titanium dioxide is also used to make white paints. These two ingredients are expensive but their level of percentage in vinyl windows is what makes or breaks the quality of the color of the vinyl. Discoloration of the vinyl is mainly due to low percentage or absence of either ingredient.

The highest quality vinyl windows are usually the ones that have the highest number of chambers. The strength of the window and frame is dependent on how the walls of each chamber connect to the walls of the other chambers. 4-point welders provide the perfect weld and actually creates one whole piece of vinyl. In buying your vinyl window, the ENERGY STAR certification is also important. ENERGY STAR label does not make the windows more costly but confirm rhey quality and energy efficiency.

All vinyl replacement windows come with a lifetime warranty. They deserve to be the best-sellers in the Toronto home improvement market.
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